College Athlete

Advocacy Initiative


New York Times

Tim Nevius, a onetime N.C.A.A. investigator whose experiences led him to turn on the system, believes the answer lies with player activism. Last month, he announced a new organization, the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative, that plans to pair his business representing athletes before the N.C.A.A. with trying to advocate for broader reform in coordination with players.

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CBS Sports

The CAAI is partnering with the Urban Justice Center of New York, a social justice advocacy group. The plan is for the two entities to provide pro bono legal work for college athletes.

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Washington Post

"The calls I’ve gotten in the last year convinced me this was needed,” he said, citing players in major conferences who are verbally abused by coaches, coerced into giving up their scholarships and prevented from transferring. “And every athlete I talk to says, ‘What can I do about this?’” The new entity will assist players in all of those areas, Nevius said, with a network of legal volunteers.

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ESPN Outside the Lines

Former NCAA investigator Tim Nevius has started the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative. Why? "We're going to empower the athletes, we're going to give them the information that they need to advocate for their rights."

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Bloomberg News

Earlier this week, attorney Tim Nevius, a former NCAA investigator, launched the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative to give legal aid to athletes as they fight for reform. “We are working hard to get influential athletes, people, and voices together to capitalize on the growing movement for change,” Nevius said.

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Indiana Business Journal

“More people are realizing the depth of the NCAA’s exploitation and the extraordinary conflicts of interests between a school’s commercial interests and its educational mission.”

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Sports Business Journal

N.Y. attorney and former NCAA investigator Tim Nevius has "launched an advocacy group for college athletes." Nevius said that the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative "plans to offer legal advice to athletes, as well as pursue campaigns to help them share in the billions of dollars generated by college sports."

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Athletic Business

Nevius, himself a former athlete, is now a New York-based attorney whose practice is focused on collegiate student-athletes. As part of its advocacy mission, CAAI will reportedly provide pro bono legal work for collegiate athletes through a partnership with the Urban Justice Center of New York.

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